The Call

Our Creative Team

Alex Guilbert
Director of Photography
Marc Minimo
Production Coordinator
Jason Ferrell
Matthew Belonio
Unit Production Manager


Making Faith-Based films to inspire and entertain viewers.

Our Goal

To reach out to the world and tell people about God through visual storytelling.

Our Values

We value people's beliefs and the way they worship God.

"The Call" is a non-denominational film that everyone can enjoy.


Special FX Supervisor
Jason Sipus
First AD
Lyndon Hundley
Script Supervisor
Miranda MacIntyre
First AC
Alex Gilbert
Second AC
Robert Thompson
Sound Mixer
Jason Serrone
Coming Soon

Look and Sound

Production Designer - Willis G. Salomon

In charge of the look of the locations and sets of the film, Willis Salomon is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Redlands, a small city in Southern California, has a rich history. At the turn of the 20th century, Redlands was the "Palm Springs" of the next century. For almost 75 years, Redlands was the center of the largest navel orange producing region in the world.

The city is a beautiful place to shoot, and we hope to show you the beauty and history of this town through our film.

Sound Mixer - Jason Serrone

More about Jason coming soon.

One of the most important aspects of a movie is definitely the sound. A lot of productions underestimate the importance of sound in a film, which could mean disaster to a project.

We are very happy to have Serrone on board with his extensive experience to help "The Call" sound natural and crisp.